Sunday, January 7, 2001

For Sponsors

To become a sponsor of an event or single item giveaway, please e-mail us the following:
  • whether you are sponsoring an event (and which one) or single item giveaway
  • your logo (in jpeg or png format)*, to feature in a post and the sidebar (please note 200 x 200px limit)
  • an image of the giveaway item (in jpeg or png format)
  • any restrictions on product shipping (eg USA only, USA/Canada only, worldwide, etc)
  • Twitter ID/Facebook profile link if applicable
Participating as a sponsor in an event or single item giveaway is easy and can boost traffic to your site or blog, and increase awareness of your product.

BCE offers two main channels through which you can engage the blogosphere.

Being a Sponsor in an Event: BCE hosts themed events of many kinds; some events have been scheduled by third parties, whereas others are hosted by BCE topically (eg Christmas, Back to School). BCE is always seeking sponsors to contribute products related to events, to be used in the format of a giveaway or a review**. Sponsors have their logo featured in a post with a short spiel about their product/business, and their logo/button on a BCE sidebar for the length of the event.

Sponsoring a Single Item Giveaway: Have a single product you would like featured? We would be happy to promote your product in a post and organise a giveaway, outside of any events going on at BCE.

Either way, your product and company will receive fantastic exposure and help grow your business!

* BCE reserves the right to decline the use on its site of any sponsor logos, content or products it may deem offensive.
** Any products submitted for review are non-returnable.