Monday, August 17, 2009

BuiltNY Review

Chic, urban, with class. That just about sums up BuiltNY's product line. Totes for someone looking for substance to go with the style, BuiltNY makes product with flair, to carry just about anything you need carried. Let's find out what Katie thought of the Tasty Lunch Tote...

I liked the Tasty Lunch Tote by BUILT very much, especially the fun colors and prints. It is very unique in it's design in that it is made out of wetsuit material, or Neoprene. Because of this, the lunch tote is lightweight, almost indestructible, and extremely easy to clean.

I was a little disappointed in that it did not keep my lunch as cold as I thought it would. I had to add a couple more ice packs to achieve my desired coldness (which was not a big deal) but that limited the space I had to pack a lunch. I did not try it with hot foods, so maybe that would work better?

One thing that I wish the lunch tote came with is a removable shoulder strap. I had seen on the BUILT website that they do carry a lunch tote with a strap, but I think they would benefit if they put a removable shoulder strap on all of their lunch totes. It just makes it easier to carry, especially for kids who already have a backpack to carry (and for Mom's who don't want their kids stuffing and squishing the lunch in their backpack).

Overall, it is a funky and hip lunch tote. Love the bright colors and designs. It would work great as a kids lunch tote because of it's durability and how easy it cleans up!