Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ouchies Review

If you've never heard of Ouchies, you've never had fun dealing with a boo-boo! Makers of fun and cool-looking band-aids, Ouchies come in styles for boys and girls, as well as multi-coloured blank ones, for writing on!

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We had Katie, one of our intrepid reviewers, find out whether Ouchies are the real deal...

Ok, I will have to admit...I am a secret lover of outrageous bandages. The more outrageous they are, the better it is at making the hurt underneath go away. When I opened the OUCHIES bandages to check 'em out, I was ecstatic! They were so cool! Wild designs, bright colors and...what's this one? It comes with three markers? What?

My kids were instantly hooked. They love crazy wild bandages as much as I do! And they are always wanting to wear them whether or not they have an "ouchie". It's hard to find "cool" bandages, and we are often stuck with (pun intended) scooby doo, blues clues, or some other cartoon character. Those are fine, but just not CRAZY enough. I want skulls, dragons, bright flowers and cupcakes!

Huh? Too wild for you? How about a bandage that you can DRAW ON? Yes, that's right. OUCHIES has a box of bandages that come with three permanent markers that you can draw your own designs on! You could draw something a little less wild, like hearts or polka dots. Or write DO NOT TOUCH, to warn others of the impending doom if they do.

The OUCHIES bandages come in three different styles, all with their own super cute tin box. Each box contains twenty adhesive bandages in different colorful designs. They have "Teen-Ages girl bands", "Teen-Ages boy bands", and "make your Own-Ages". My kids loved them. I actually had to hide them because they wanted to wear them all the time!