Friday, November 13, 2009

The kaboom in our living room

Our computer is fine, just fine...oh, wait...
We have a $2000 paperweight in our living room, right now.

It's big and black and has a 22" screen diagonally and it died this morning, refusing to restart despite my verbal threats and histrionics (try and guess whether Mr Couch or Mrs Couch is writing this post?)

After two hard drive reformats - twice the fun! - it has decided to get back in the game, but we are invoking Article 14, Section VII, Paragraph (b)...the dreaded extended warranty. Cue ominous music!

So tomorrow we cart our huge black poorly-constructed, over-priced, overhyped, immensely-low-quality, bits-and-pieces-constantly-breaking, obviously-made-by-poor-Thai-peasants-"earning"-forty-cents-an-hour-waiting-for-their-socialist-revolution-which-will-never-come Hewlett-Packard computer back to the mall from whence it emerged with such excitement 18 months ago, which means, Brown Couch Events will be, shall we say, offline for a bit.

How long? The length of time it takes them to beat our computer senseless with a large object Not sure, unfortunately.

But bear with us! We here at BCE love you guys, and we want you to come back. We do. So if the cobwebs start to pile up a bit and dust gathers here and there, feel free to brush it aside for us while we're gone, and look forward to a bright new day when once again we offer more and wonderful giveaways and reviews!

And in the meantime, as always feel free to drop us a line. We love hearing from you!

And when we get our $2000 paperweight back, we might even respond.


Xenia said...

Even though it's really not that funny (because friggin' computer crap is NEVER funny when it's happening to you), this gave me a good laugh.

If the beating senseless with a large object works on your computer though, I would appreciate details because I'd be all over that for mine. When my husband questions my sanity, I'll just shrug and say Brown Couch made me do it. That should clear things up.

Looking forward to the momentous occasion of your return!

mummy2jj said...

sorry to hear about your "paperweight" i hope that it finds itself better very soon!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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kalea_kane said...

Oh man! I am so sorry. That truly sucks!

DeAnna M said...

Oh how I miss BCE! Please come back!

Hope you get the issues ironed out soon!

Anna said...

I'm so glad you're back!