Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winners and buttons...

For those of you who won something during the massive close off of giveaways on the 31st October, just want to let you all know that your details have been passed on to the sponsors, and you should be receiving your loot soon :)

Of course if you have any problems e-mail us. We're happy to help.

Mrs Couch has been bugging me for a while now, to give all you winners something to put on your blogs if you like...a button that says, "you know what? I won something at BCE and I want to share it with the world". And I finally got around it after tussling for a few hours with GIMP.

It's that little picture you see up's the code for it: (right click, "select all", then copy)

So, y'know...if you feel like adding it, we love you very much. And if you don't...well, we love you anyway.

Have a fantastic day!