Friday, December 11, 2009

We're Back! Sort of...

Nothing says "We're back! Sort of..." like cartoon dinosaurs.
Hello, and welcome to Brown Couch Events, where crazy nonsense is our middle name (Brown Couch "Crazy Nonsense" Events?)

As previously reported by our irate on-the-scene reporter Mr Couch, our computer blew up in a maelstrom of smoke and mild swearing (dagnabbit all! Golly gosh! Etc) and we invoked the extended warranty clause...when we asked the good man at our electrical retailer about when we'd have the computer back, he decided ambiguity was going to be his watchword. Basically this is what he said:

"well you know, the repair guys are always busy, and Christmas is coming up, and you know, they have a backlog, and the recession and everything, and one of their mothers is in hospital, and the football's on tv, and it's summer so the beach is calling, and you know, one of them has tai chi, maybe you'll have the computer back in...oh and Jimmy's son's best friend just made the soccer team so Jimmy will have to drive him to games I think...oh, you might have the computer back in 2012. But, hey don't quote me!"

In the end we threw our hands in the air and just bought a laptop.

In the meantime we got our old computer back, which is great. Double the BCE! I (Mr Couch) have been working on a redesign for the blog for some time now, which I hope to achieve soon, so there's that. Also, we had planned a Christmas event, but seeing we were electronically thrown back to the stone ages until not long before the event was due to start, it may be less elaborate than we had planned! But we still hope to go ahead with it.

In the meantime I would like to thank the on average, thirteen people a day who kept coming to our blog...we love you too! And we're still working hard on this thing.

So check back often and see if you can win some more stuff. We want you to! Oh, and feel free to write us if you have any questions or concerns.


Xenia said...

Just gave my computer a big hug for showing me that you're coming back. It's been ages!

mummy2jj said...

sorry to hear of your troubles with the repair people. lucky you had some spare $$ at this time of year to get a new laptop