Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Rosemary Company LOVE Cookie Cutters


I received this super cute LOVE cookie cutter set from The Rosemary Company. It seems to be mainly marketed to those in the wedding planning stage of life (they have lots of fun items for wedding favours), however, I thought it was a sweet idea for Valentines Day!


I suppose the most obvious use would have been to make sugar cookies with these babies, but I couldn't be bothered so I made JELL-O blocks. I chose Strawberry since it was red. My kids just love these treats and were delighted with a "new" colour. Usually it's orange (my husbands favourite) or grape (my favourite). I've decided to be bold and live-on-the-edge by trying lime next time . . . but I'm getting off topic, back to things of Valentines!


My first attempt to cut out the letters didn't go so well, specifically with the letter O. The center part became detached. So I did the remaining ones by placing the O into the Jell-o and then pressed in the center part separately. I liked that there was a little heart in the center, but it was disappointing that the cookie cutter came apart. Washing the cutters afterward could have been a little tricky, as there were Jell-o bits stuck in the tiny crevices above the heart. Not to worry though, I keep a pipe cleaner (chenille stem) near the sink and that cleaned it out quickly and easily (free kitchen tip: they are also great for cleaning the inside lip of lids).


My three children loved having their Jell-o in letters and hearts. I was a little surprised at how excited they were about it all. Letters were much more exciting than boring old squares! We will have to do this again sometime (with lime Jell-o of course).


You can check out their site for other LOVE themed goodies that would be perfect for your favourite Valentine! I think the "Love Beyond All Measure" scoop and measuring spoon set are fun! Please note that some of the items have a minimum order requirement.

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