Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back To School Apple Stamped Totebag Tutorial

I'm Robin Hartman. I run Etsy shop, write for's Crafty Kids department, and blog @ Snips & Snails.

Today, I'll be sharing a DIY Back to School Canvas Tote, a perfect activity for preschoolers or kindergartens who are gearing up for school or trips to the library.

All you'll need is:
an apple
red fabric paint
small canvas tote or totes
Old shirts

1. First you will need to make sure that you are wearing clothes that could get stained. Fabric paint will not come out.

2. Put fabric paint on a flat surface like a recycled pie plate or butter lid.

3. Using a sliced apple, put the apple into the fabric paint.

4. Stamp the canvas tote with the fabric painted side of the apple. This is a perfect time for little hands to take over.

5. Once the apples are stamped on the tote, hang them to dry.

6. (Optional) Once one side is dry, stamp the other side with the apple or write the child's name in fabric paint.

Enjoy! For more paint stamping with produce, check out this article on Potato stamped Ladybugs.