Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bummas Review

They are the size of my hand, fingertip to almost my wrist {I have large hands for a woman}. They will work great to keep the pee showers at bay, but I'm a little concerned about the size when it comes to a poopy mess. Since they are made of terry this may not be a problem. They are packed nicely and looks kinda like a bouquet of bright cheery flowers. The bright colored trims a very nice to look at. These would look great in a baby shower bouquet or basket. The ones that I got to review are mostly white, so I'm a little concerned on how long they will stay white, but I'm not concerned on how long they will last. They are made out of a nice terry material that seems like it will hold up well in the wash. If you are cloth diapering, why not cloth wipe as well? These would go great in your routine. They would make a great baby shower gift for any mom cloth diapering or not. $16.99 for 10 wipes. I feel this is a great price for baby's comfort and less waste in a landfill. Bummas are super soft even the threading that trims them is super soft. They come in a great color arrangement. I really enjoy the bright colored trims. They would make great baby washcloths for bath time, cloth wipes, or pee shields. Bummas would be great for sensitive skin so your not adding all the chemicals you get from disposable wipes.

Review by Chaotic Kristy