Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guardian Sleeper Review

The Guardian Sleeper keeps the baby in it's place, with no concern of rolling over. The blanket is soft and breathable but will keep the baby warm. No need for extra blankets. Very easy to use. It only took me second to figure it out. The Velcro may wake up the baby if you have to undo it before placing the baby down to sleep but this can be avoided by leaving it open when you remove baby. It comes packed in a nice plastic zippered pouch. The package contains instructions for easy use and is reusable. he color is nice to look at and can match a rooms decor. It's made of a super soft material and looks oh so comfy. The construction of the Guardian Sleeper is great. I feel it will withstand many washing and last the entire time my baby will need it. I'm not sure how well my daughter would have liked this because she preferred to sleep on her belly. {I know this isn't recommended but she wouldn't sleep any other way} My little sisters son that modeled it for me didn't like being strapped down but he is one years old and at that age I don't think many babies like to be strapped in. Little bit high in the price range, but for peace of mind it is a great value. Also it keeps you from having to buy those baby wedges that keeps them from rolling and extra blankets or sleeper suits. So over all you could save money.
Review by Chaotic Kristy

Kristy's Rating:

1. The functionality - 10
2. Ease of use - 10
3. Packaging - 10
4. Visual appeal - 10
5. Durability - 10
6. Recommendability - 9
7. Value for money - 9