Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taby Tray Review


My family decided to make a special trip out of town just to try out this product. I gathered a few things for my daughter to play with that could be placed on the tray. Once we got in the vehicle and I got her strapped in I added the tray. This was not easy at all for me.  It looked simple at first, but then I got out the instructions and tried to place the tray on like it says. Well, my car seat must not be in the compatibility list {if they have one} because it did not fit on the seat right. It wouldn't stay in place. So I tried a few other ways to keep it in place by adjusting the straps. The straps are easy to use so this wasn't hard. It never quite fit her seat. We went ahead and did the best we could and took off on our trip.

She really enjoyed having her toys right there where she could play with them and loved the tray to use as a base to play on. Her sippy cup fit very well in the cup holding part. Zoe enjoyed placing the cup in and out of it's holder. She had fun playing with her things for about half the trip {30 min. maybe a little less}.

We then decided to give it a go with food. We ordered her a corndog, fries and a small milk. Because the tray didn't fit well to her seat I believe it was at too much of a slant. Her food kind of pooled at the bottom of the tray. She was able to eat just fine, but when she went to take a drink this is where the big mess began. My daughter grabbed her milk and took a nice drink of it and went to place it back in the holder. She didn't quite make it and only placed it on the tray. This should be ok because the car was not moving and it should have just stayed in place. This, however, was not the case. Because the tray would not fit to the seat it slid all the way to the bottom of the tray, hit the edge, fell to its side, and the milk poured over the tray edge all over my vehicle's seat. A huge mess I hated to clean up.

I have used the tray to place her food on at home a couple of times minus an open topped drink. It works ok that way. I believe the idea of this product is great and was really hoping it would work out great. I believe if I could get it to be level on her car seat it would be a great added piece to our travel time. It did help keep her happy for the first little while in travel. I would only recomemnd this product to someone that has a car seat that it fits well to. I will continue to use it for long travel time to help give her a place to play with her toys, but when it comes to eating on it we will have to find a better way.

Kristy's Rating
1. The functionality - 6.5

2. Ease of use - 8

3. Packaging - 10

4. Visual appeal - 10

5. Durability - 10

6. Recommendability - 7

7. Value for money -http://www.tabytray.com/ 7

Reviewed by Chaotic Kristy