Monday, February 1, 2010

Siamese Slanket Review by Mommie Daze


OK, I have to admit when I was asked to review this, I laughed. The Siamese Slanket? Really? I've been poking fun at these blankets with sleeves since they first arrived a couple years ago. But I have to admit this blanket built for two is very soft, thick and warm. It's great for cuddling up on a cold winter night. And as far as quality goes? Well, my son has a blanket with sleeves from another company, and I can tell you that the material the Slanket is made out of compared to the other brand's is much nicer. My only complaint? I wish they'd change the name. I don't know, "Siamese" just seems a little un PC.
Reviewed by our Michigan Mommy Reviewer

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