Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Comments, couches and sponsors

Thank you all for commenting on our "Three things you didn't know about us" post! This Bloghop thing is very interesting, some of you have some very creative blogs...well done! We hope to see you back here soon!

Things here at BCE are firing up like Mr Couch's mouth when Mrs Couch uses too much cajun seasoning and then Mr Couch has to down most of a two litre bottle of Mountain Dew because his mouth feels like someone just poured molten lava down it and then set it on fire and......wait, did I have a point?

Oh, yes. Things are heating up. Big time! We are busy organising sponsors for the Back to School Thingy, set to carve a swathe of excitement through the blogosphere, August 15 to September 27. It'll be more fun than you've ever had in your entire life! Honest!

Aside from the prizes for all you good people to win, we are also preparing all the articles, competitions, games, giveaways and everything else that will make this most exciting "Thingy" ever witnessed. The Back to School Thingy: Don't miss out!

UPDATE: Mrs Couch has just told me off reminded me to remind you all, to click the Back to School Thingy link above, to link up! Do it now!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for inspiring me to tell the story of my engagement and my rings. :) My new post is up now.

Jennifer said...

"Mrs. Couch" wrote a comment on my 3 things you don't know about me about my engagement ring ... which inspired me to write a new blog post. :D