Friday, July 17, 2009

Linky Shenanigans

This Linky thing had me baffled for a while. Being a simple boy from the Antipodes, I watched in wonder, as Mrs Couch Linkified through this Linky thing, making sounds like "ooh" and "ahh" every time she would tell me about going through five hundred blogs, and how high hers was on the list.

But now...I have uncovered its secrets, I tell you. I have demystified it, deduced it Sherlock Holmes...I have brought to light its long-held secrets like some kind of behind-a-computer Indiana Jones and now I am ready to conquer this "Linky" thing.

A big thank you to everyone who braved the terrors of the unknown and visited our new blog to leave a comment! We love you. Come back.

And we would like everyone to link up with us through our Back to School Thingy MckLinky and Chaotic Kristy Baby Shower Mcklinky. Both events will redefine people's notion of fun! You can count on it.

So, click those little clicky things there and link with us!


Tara said...

Where were you a teacher at? My family was with ABWE in the Philippines! But I had lots of friends with New Tribes.

Great to meet you! :)

the brown couch said...

I was a missionary teacher with New Tribes Mission ( Stateside. I taught the kids of the missionaries serving in the home office. It has always been my desire to teach missionary kids overseas. In fact, I looked into teaching in many places, Brazil, Mexico, Mozambique, Spain, Austria, German, etc...The Lord had other plans. I decided at a young age to follow Him with my life. Today, I am in Australia married to a wonderful Aussie man. I say, "Lead me Lord, I will follow." Now it is, "Lead us Lord, we will follow."

Deborah aka Mrs. Couch

JamericanSpice said...

I"m stopping by....trying to find my way around to some party or other. Hola.