Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three days to go...

It's like, oh I don't know, some sort of digital bionic Santa's grotto just before Christmas.
You need a pointy hat to work in THIS grotto...

We here at BCE are running around with the gleeful, half-dazed expressions normally reserved for children for whom the phrase "too much Pepsi" doesn't exist. Yes indeed, bells and whistles are being tended to, eyes are being crossed and tees are being dotted (I said we were half-dazed) and mayhem rules our world, as we ready the Back to School Thingy.

It's gonna be fun! Please note, there will be a few minor changes to the sidebars to coincide with the launching of the event. So if you arrive and you feel like you just jumped down the rabbit hole, bear with us. We'll get those eyes dotted.

There's still time to enter our pre-Back to School Thingy giveaway of a ReBinder back to school kit, so if you haven't entered, tap out a comment and give yourself a chance! It's an awesome prize and ReBinder are awesome people.

There's also time to link up with us through our special little MckLinky thing. Click down there and get your blog involved in the most amazing, special and downright cool back to school event on the web! Do it now!

Lastly, don't forget: the Back to School Thingy landing page will be updated every day, Twitter-style, with what happens during the event. So if you're after just the brief, then bookmark that page and come back daily!