Sunday, September 27, 2009

A quick word about the links above...

With the Back to School Thingy not only in full swing, but also extended, we've gained some valuable experience from running this whole blog thing.

One thing we have discovered is that it's a crud load of work quite difficult to maintain the landing page the way we have been doing it for the Back to School Thingy.

In fact, while I (Mr Couch) initially thought the idea of the landing page was pretty cool, it in fact doubled our workload.

So instead of maintaining a landing page for the Chaotic Kristy Baby Shower, we've stuck those links up there, giving you all quick and easy access to the stuff happening in the baby shower. We hope this is easy for you guys (one fewer click) and helps you enjoy the event a whole lot more!

Please be aware though, the "win stuff" "reviews" and "discount" links direct to the main page, since the event hassn't begun yet!

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us, to let us know what you think. We love hearing from you!