Saturday, September 26, 2009

Umi Review

Looking for back-to-school shoes for your littles? Shop Umi.

Katie's Review:

We were sent a pair of UMI shoes for review, and the pair they sent were the Spike shoes in the color Chocolate.

Very, very nice pair of shoes. I like them very much. These shoes appear very well crafted, are made of leather, and are sure to last long after my son outgrows them
. My son Aiden already told me he plans on wearing them his first day of school, and everyday from then on. We will see how they hold up to Kindergarten recess and rambunctious five-year-old play.

The only bad thing, in my opinion if you will, is that this style shoe DOES NOT look good with shorts. Absolutely, gut-wrenchingly, eyes-must-look-away...dorky. Definitely not a style shoe to buy if you live in a warm climate and all you wear is shorts. Now I live in Michigan, and the majority (if not all but two) months out of the year it is cooler, and jeans are a norm. So this is not a problem for us. They look super cute with jeans, very trendy and oh-so handsome.

Overall, a very nice shoe. Yes, they are on the expensive side, and some may say it's not worth it when kids grow out of shoes so fast. That is true, but if you can find a good coupon code to help reduce the cost a little, it may be worth it.

Katie's Rating:

1. The functionality (how well it did its job) - 10

2. Ease of use - 10

3. Packaging (ie not how it arrived in the mail, but the effectiveness of the packaging generally) - 10

4. Visual appeal (is it nice to look at?) - 10

5. Durability (is it likely to last?) - 10

6. Recommendability - (how likely are you to recommend this product? Ten if you are very likely) - 10

7. Value for money (ten if it's great value for money) - 8