Friday, October 9, 2009

Hip-T Review

Don't go out showing all the world your ass...I mean, assets. Just don't do it. It's not cool, or sexy, or anything else good.

Instead, Hip-T proposes that you wear one of their "layering accessories" - you know, you don't have to wear a whole other shirt under your top in order to hide your butt...Hip-t's come in a range of trendy colours and styles, so you can be trendy as well as classy.

Hip-T was stellar enough to give one to our reviewer, Katie for her consideration...

The hip-T by g3 Originals, is...well...different. I don't think I've seen anything like it before. Except maybe for those tube tops that were popular long, long ago. But they were covering a whole other territory. Cover your butt with a Hip-t!

With special thanks to Katie's four year old, Aiden, for the fine photography.
Oh, you wear those "mom jeans" you say? You never get that drafty chill when you bend over because your pants fit like they are supposed to? Well, you are in luck. Because this product has a double purpose.

It can be used as a layering piece, without adding all the extra bulk. Fine, you don't need something to cover up your underwear or whatever when you bend over. But you do need something to wear under your shirts that aren't quite long enough.

Or how about adding a little pizazz to your outfit by layering a lace hip-T under one of your favorite t-shirts? Instant pizazz! See? You can be trendy and not have to wear a bunch of bulky clothing! How simple is that?

The hip-T is definitely something every girl needs in her wardrobe. And as you can see, it can be used in different ways. Use your imagination! Just don't use it as a tube top, please.
  • The functionality: 8
  • Ease of use: 10
  • Packaging: 10
  • Visual appeal: 10
  • Durability: 8
  • Recommendability: 8
  • Value for money: 8