Friday, October 2, 2009

ReBinder giveaway! - CLOSED!


UPDATE: Congratulations to cent saving mom, Shelley and Anna for winning!

Decided to extend this competition...four days just seemed a biiiiiiiiiit too short.

Following on from our wildly popular pre-Back to School Thingy giveaway, ReBinder, in their infinitely sustainable generosity, have decided that Brown Couch Event readers should have three (COUNT 'EM!) more back to school kits!

That's right, three lucky readers will send their child back to school in some kind of environmentally-friendly style, I'll tell you right now. Their boy or girl will be taking back to school with them:

1 1.5” ReBinder recycled 3 ring binder
2 ReBinder replacement covers
6 RePouch recycled slash pocket dividers
6 RePocket eco-friendly pocket folders
2 ReWrite 8x10 recycled notebooks with lined paper
2 ReWrite 8x10 recycled notebooks with graph paper
2 ReWrite 5x8 Recycled notebooks with blank paper
3 ReMark eco-pens
6 ReSleeve recycled CD sleeves
3 RePlay recycled CD cases

Now, you people left 183 comments on the last ReBinder giveaway we ran. Which means you're all crazy about recycling, right? 'Course it does.

So we want to know HOW crazy. What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of environmentalism? I don't mean, did you strap yourself to a tree in the face of a chainsaw, I mean, did you fish a soda can out of the bottom of your garbage bin because it's meant to be in the recycled bin? Do you use earwax for candles so you can save on electricity for lighting? (I hope not.)

Tell us the craziest thing you've done for the planet and you could win! The three looniest responses will receive a back to school kit for their trouble!

Here's the fine print:
  • Open to US residents only
  • Competiton closes October 7th, 2009



tawnda said...

I often pick up trash/recyclables and put them where they belong

Michelle said...

I collect my dehumidifier water in big five gallon jugs and use it to water my vegetable and flower gardens. I reclaim water from the air, keep my basement mold and mildew free, keep my plants healthy and happy and producing food for my family!

cent_saving_mom said...

I'm a hardcore couponer but I don't like to pay for more than one paper per week especially when so many just toss their coupon inserts. So as long as the weather is cooperative I'll snag inserts from the paper recycling bins when I'm recycling our newspapers. I get extra coupons and my sons school makes money for recycling papers.

cent_saving_mom (at) yahoo (dot) com

DeAnna M said...

The kids and I will pick up garbage along the side of the highway and recycle what we can! Some of that stuff is pretty gross and dirty.

Akaya said...

I take paper out of the trash at work and recycle it...unless it's too nasty because then it'll contaminate the reycling bin.

cari said...

A huge pile of brand new phonebooks sat in our apartment building for about a month...nobody was touching I took them all to the recycling bin. I thought if someone wanted them they would have taken them by now and they were getting wet and dirty....better to recycle right?

cari said...

I subscribe to feed

Shelley said...

I constantly re-wash ziploc baggies..I mean, if it just had cheerios or pretzels in it, what's the harm :) Just rinse it out, let air dry, and use again!

I also scrape the "leftover" candle wax out of my Yankee candle jars (when the wick is done), and use the pieces/scrapings in my tart warmer! Waste not, want not!!!

pixie13 said...

I pick garbage up when we go to places like the beach or park; it really irritates me that people would be so gross as to dump their trash in a where children play. And, yes, I have dug cans out of the garbage. I also used to irritate the people I know by cutting up their plastic six pack rings.

mary said...

I constantly stuff as much clothes in my washer before it can explode as to save water and i also hang clothes up to dry on clotheslines instead of wasting energy using the dryer.

Becca said...

While remodeling our house we kept all of the older wood and other things we could salvage. I spent four hours outside sanding wood peices down so that we could use them in a bookshelf.
beccabluhm (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anna said...
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Anna said...
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Anna said...
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Anna said...
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Anna said...

I recycle every piece of paper or cardboard that comes into our house - I even separate the cardboard tags on clothes etc from the plastic tag attacher and recycle the tag. And, I've been using my 2 year old son's drawings and paintings as wrapping paper for gifts!

Brenda said...

I try only to run the dishwasher when it is filled! It saves water & energy. Thanks :-)

bitabuns at yahoo dot com