Thursday, October 1, 2009

WAT-AAH Review

We got a chance to review the WAT-AAH! product, and I'll have to say I like the marketing they chose for this product. The neon colors, funny cartoon kid on the bottle, the great name...the kids just eat it up! Well, we all thought it was pretty cool. The bottles are just the right size to fit in kids small hands, and the bright colors on the bottles make it just a little more fun to drink even though it's just water. My kids loved them, so I'm sure any kid will get a kick out of these fun bottles of water...WAT-AAH!
Reviewed by Katie
Katie's Rating:

1. The functionality - 10

2. Ease of use - 10

3. Packaging - 10

4. Visual appeal - 8

5. Durability - 10

6. Recommendability - 8

7. Value for money - 10

Hey, have you entered the giveaway to win a Healthy Hydration Kit from WAT-AAH!? Hurry, ends October 7th.

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