Thursday, January 3, 2002

You're done moving...the traditionally-unkempt moving guys have left (including the one who took a final glance at the place, grimly smirked and gave you a knowing 'better you than me' look) and as the dust settles on the boxes in each room, you realise the sun is setting and you're in your new house all alone...and what was that sound? Did that come from upstairs...? So, you go look...

The Housewarming, a BCE production will be grabbing you by the pit of your stomach this Halloween! Beginning October 28 and winding down November 3, the Housewarming promises to help you relive every creak, every groan, every shadow in the dark that haunted you in your new house!

In true BCE style there'll be games, competitions, giveaways*, and a whole lot of fun. Check back for updates and get ready!

The'll never leave.

*Please note some competitions/giveaways will only be available to residents in certain countries.