Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Back to School Thingy Reviews!

Here is a list of reviews for the Back to School Thingy. To all our sponsors: thanks for being so generous with your products! We love you like hot chocolate on a cold, cold day.

10/31: Winning Moves' Cir*Kis review
10/08: Backseat Drawing Junior review
10/08: Hip-T review
10/08: MJM Books review
10/08: Cute Beltz review
10/08: Arm & Hammer Spinbrush review
10/07: Carolina Pad Review
10/06: ReBinder review
10/06: Boxy Design review
10/04: Green Alternatives review
10/03: Pookafun giveaway
10/02: Kaskey Kids review
10/02: Andrea's Beau review
10/01: ABC Gauze Review
10/01: WAT-AAH! Review
9/29: Moja Creations Review
9/27: SpellQuizzer Review
9/23: Lunch Punch Review
9/22: momAgenda Review
9/15: Liliputians Review
8/17: BuiltNY Review
8/16: Ouchies Review


Anonymous said...

I"m curious why the date is Jan. 1/02?